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  • DoubleTake is twin brothers Dave Hage and Dennis Hage.
  • DoubleTake originally received recognition with the "first" treasure hunt record album: “SUPERSTITION GOLD”. The concept album included clues to where $10,000 in gold was hidden.
  • DoubleTake Pairody™ Parodies include:
    • I'm Hillary in '08, I Am, a Hillary...ious... look at both sides of the spectrum (two versions - PRO and CON) and begs the question was Bill the First or is she?
    • THE BAGHDAD HOLEBILLY, inspired by the Beverly Hillbillies and the capture of Saddam Hussain.
    • JAILHOUSE STOCK,“ conning Martha Stewart (featuring “twin” Elvis impersonations) was inspired by JAILHOUSE ROCK.
    • HELL O SAMA, based on the 1960's hit by Allan Sherman, "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh".
    • HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN(k).aims at the "Animals" in Washington and Lousiana after the Katrina Hurricane debacle.
    • ME AND BILLY G., Johnny "Cache" sings Kris Kristofferson's (Janis Joplin) Me and Bobby McGee as the basis for telling the inside story of Billy Gate.
    • Computer Parity Pairody™ Parodies
      • The Duke of URL
      • Hard Drive Night
      • Oh Tandy
      • Drop and a Drag (Kind of a Drag)
      • Return to (Email) Sender
      • Mac the Nice (MIce)
      • Oh Lord (Won't you buy me a new PC)
      • C CRUISE (GUI, GUI baby)
      • Surfer Girl
      • Leader of the Mac
  • Dennis Hage has been involved with educational technology at the Florida DOE and the Astronauts Memorial Foundation, as well as real estate development.
  • Dave Hage has held many senior roles in electronics including Executive VP and President of a $600 million company.
  • DoubleTake Media is located in the United States of America..
  • DoubleTake Media specializes in management consulting, marketing, entertainment, and real estate development. 


"... attract listeners to their country and pop music with a promotion technique unprecedented in the music industry."  Thomas Goldsmith, The Tennessean

 "... A Real Gold LP ... a musical treasure map..." Neil Pond, Music City News

"... their musicianship and songwriting abilities are impressive."   Andrew Means, Arizona Republic

 "... the twins sprinkled the songs on the discs with cryptic lyrics ... will enable a listener to determine the location of a certificate worth $10,000.00 in gold."  Dewey Webb, New Times

 "... best selling ... ghostly lyrics ... unique to the recording industry ..." Jonathan Stern, Phoenix Bus. Journal

 "... This band of mysterious origin is on the planet and will soon be finding their way into your psyche!  So stay tuned ..."  Soundboard

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