"It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech
Mark Twain
Letterman & Godfather Horsehead
INITIAL...ly, we are going to begin by explaining DAVID's LETTER MEN™, Acronyms/Wackronyms & Anagrams/anaGrammys™ humor. These "initial" words have been around for a long time, so if you've seen most of these before, skip ahead to our next section, Hits and Misses. But if you must continue, why don't we?

 So where did DT get the ideas and the audiodacity to rename and recatagorize types of humor? Below is a DT explanation/description.

Read a side (splitting?) story about DT's contacting DAVID LETTERMAN.

In psychology, many have studied the looking glass concept. (No, not 36-24-36 stupid, that's an hour glass.) In this concept, people see themselves as they perceive themselves to be, not necessarily the way others see them. In DT's case, twins not only see each other as they see themselves, but also as others see them -- a real mirror image. While growing up, twins usually have someone else around to look at, play sports and games with, talk to, laugh with and at, and so on and on. (Twincidentally, do you know how to legally tell the difference between identical and fraternal twins?  Identical twins are copyrighted, fraternal twins are copywronged.)

A twin is always challenged or being challenged by someone just as good, who knows all of your moves and vices and verses. We were always a tad competitive, and as we leapfrogged over our maturity, the physical games became mental. We looked for the weird, eerie, (not Pennsylvania) strange, and fun words to play with; and as these words went their own way (wayword words), these double meanings, eventually begat DoubleTakes™ humor.

Twins often develop their own language at an early age. In addition, twins have a special body language and are more likely to be ambidextrous, i.e., able to use both hands equally well.  Often times they even  complete sentences that the other.......  Even Shakespeare (a twin?) writes many twin references and uses word "plays", such as, "THE OATS HAVE EATEN THE HORSES".  As you can see, this type of HOMER, a Metathesis, transposes words or syllables in a sentence. (Click on "HOMER" for more info.)

Well, for now that's about all the influence of being twins had on the development of DoubleTake™ humor.  If you want more info on us go to ALL ABOUT DT, or if you want to see more info on twins go to TWINERGY, or, see our coming forth book, "The Twinsey Report".

David Letterman Side (splitting?) Story
Once Upon A Time, after doing the album, DT in a vein (gold) attempt to get some exposure, contacted the DavId Letterman Show. Since we were associating DAVID Hage's name with "LETTER" to form "DAVID's LETTER MEN", DT thought the "letter" people might be interested.

DT figured that they probably needed something special to grab the attention of whoever opens all their mail.. So of course (A horse of course) DT decided to do it their way.
Click here for Laverne and Shirley Lyrics.

DT sent David Letterman a "Godfatheresque" large plaster horse head, covered in "blood" (red paint) and wrapped in a "bloodied" sheet. 

Along with it, DT sent a "ransom" letter (with individual letters cut out of the newspaper). We received back a polite "thought about having you on the program, but decided not to" letter.

Bad Pun Alert
(Go see funny Jack (Nicholson) In the Box)

Horse Head with woman

While looking up images, DT found this great graphic, and very interesting products and website: kropserkel.com.
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DT is not sure if their company is using a DT type name (kropserkel - crop circle?) or not.

We can't, however, leave this twin discussion without telling you a story about a man and his clone, for a clone, although not a true twin, is undoubletedly the next best thing. Anyway, it seems that there was this mad scientist who developed a clone of himself. Everything was great except that the clone had a severe problem with foul language -- he would utter four-letter words at the drop of a hat. The scientist tried everything to get the clone to stop mouthing obscenities, but to no avail.

One day, the mad scientist took the clone to a football game. Of course, this got the clone excited and he started swearing profusely, which really embarrassed the scientist. To get away from the crowd, he took his clone up to the top row of the stadium to watch the game and informed the clone that there would be serious trouble if he heard any more cuss words. Well sure enough, in the last few minutes of the game, the clone got excited and started up again. He was screaming every four-letter word imaginable! The scientist finally got so "mad" that he picked the clone up and threw him over the stadium wall to the street below. When the police came, do you know what the scientist was charged with? That's right. Making an obscene clone fall!  

 Given enough twins, with enough time, they would probably finish updating this website.






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