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THE EMPLOYMENT MAZE features the PDQ Job Finding System™ and provides insights from the person who hires you - the Employment Manager.

Table of Contents
Opening the Door
      The Labyrinth ... Preface to the Maze
      PDQ 101 ... An Introduction



Door 1:  Lost in the Maze (NAATT - Not Available At This Time)
Door 2:  The PDQ Network (NAATT)
Door 3:  Help Wanted (NAATT)
Door 4:  Resumes & Cover Letters (NAATT)
Door 5:  Outside Help (NAATT)
Door 6:  The Interview (NAATT)
Door 7:  Negotiation (NAATT)
Door 7:  Internet or Internot? (NAATT)
Closing the Door:   Out of the Maze (NAATT)




Opening the Door

The Labyrinth ... Preface to the Maze

PDQ 101 ... An Introduction


Door 1:  Lost in the Maze
The Start ... or Finished?

Mirrors in the Maze ... or ... Take a Close Look at Yourself

Ready ... Set, Goals

Rank and File ... Your Priorities

Move it or Lose it... or ... Relocation Choices

Inter"lock"ing Directorates ... or ... “Pick” the Right Type of Company


Door 2:  The PDQ Network
How to Win (with) Friends and Influence People

How Does the Net Work? ... or ... The ABC's of Networks

Trust or Consequences ... or ... Preparing a List

A Maze Your Friends! Go See Them … It Pays

Put Your Foot in the Door ... or ... Using Your Networkers' Info


Door 3:  Help Wanted
Do You Want AdsTo Work For You?

This Ad's for You? ... or ... Open Ads

RSVP (ReSpond Very Promptly) ... or ... Timing the Response

Follow(n) Up Again? Make Sure You Do!

Seeing Through ... Blind Ads

Out of ... Position-Wanted Ads

Check ... Lists and Directories

Amusement Parked ... or ... Job Fairs


Door 4:  Resumes & Cover Letters
S.O.S. (Send Out Signals)

'Tis the Season ... or ... When Do Companies Hire?

Fact to the Future ... or ... Resumes

Weed 'em & Reap (the Benefits) ... or ... Resume Data Sheets

ResuMAZE Architecture ... or ... Styles of Resumes

Reservations About Blankets... or ... Cover Letters


Door 5:  Outside Help
Grouping in the Dark

A Key Combination ... or ... Employment Agencies

Seek and Ye Shall Find... or ... Search Firms

It's Not a Dead End ... or ... Outplacement Firms


Door 6:  The Interview
The Route of the Problem

Maps, Legends, and Charts ... or ... Know the Organization

Curves Ahead ... or ...  Body Language

U-Turn to At"tire" ... or ... How to Dress

Right & Wrong Turns ... or ... Interview Do's & Don'ts

You Are What You Meet ... or ... The Arrival

Gearing Up ... or ... Survival Questions

Once More with Feeling ... or ... Follow up


Door 7:  Negotiation
Let's Make a Deal

Comp and Circumstance ... or ... Compensation Programs

Follow the Yellow Brick Road ... or ... Salary & Bonus

Coffee and Other Perks ... or ... Contracts & Fringe Benefits

Off the Beaten Path ... or ... Relocation Negotiations


Closing the Door:   Out of the Maze

PDQ Directions to a New Job









THE LABYRINTH …Preface to the Maze



In a flash, another memory came to him, something he had been told when he was about twelve, a method for finding one's way out of any maze. It was simple, and it was effective - he had tried it several times and lost all interest in mazes thereafter because it had taken away the challenge. All you had to do, he recalled, was to keep your hand - or your pencil - on one wall, the left-hand wall, let us say. However far it took you, you were never to remove your hand from it, and in the end, even though you went into every dead end and crossed your own tracks several times, you would emerge from the maze.


 The Seventh Sanctuary, 1987


To the first time job seeker and even the seasoned professional there seems to be an inordinate amount of information regarding the correct methods to gain employment. This data overload has led many into a maze of confusion. (Since initial release of this book in 1990, this condition has exponentially proliferated since Al Gore invented the Internet.) Not knowing what to do, many job seekers have wasted thousands of hours and dollars wandering down empty corridors and website links. Quickly finding your way through the employment maze to a new and better job is the subject that is addressed in the upcoming chapters.


Every year, millions of people in this country spend an enormous quantity of time and money in an attempt to find the ideal job. They seek help from friends, professional associates, or anyone else that promises rapid success in their job search endeavors. Worse yet, they trust many of their decisions on questionable and unreliable sources they find on the Internet. Don’t get us wrong, we believe the Internet is a great information source, and we will discuss how to best utilize it in DOOR 8: INTERNET OR INTERNOT. In addition, a vast number of unknowledgeable job hunters succumb to the false hopes that are often portrayed by so-called professional job hunting service firms. Even though most service firms are very reputable, the job seeker is not able to separate fact from fiction when dealing with an unscrupulous vendor or Internet guru wannabees.


Knowledge is the key in making a successful decision about your career. A lack of it can be very costly when it comes to job hunting. This book should impart to you the distinctive elements that comprise a successful job search. You will develop a keen sense of direction on how to proceed through the maze.


As you read through the book, watch for Key Points. These denote special emphasis of the topic under discussion and are essential elements in the entire job hunting process. Each of these Key Points will add to your overall success in landing a new job. Many are techniques that are extremely effective, but not necessarily widely known.


KEYEstablish a good filing and tracking system. Expand the file information as you make progress. Set up a checklist of tasks that need to be accomplished. Establish specific goals and timetables. If you have a home computer, start a database file of job hunting activities. Keep all contact information in the database for future referral.


Keep an open mind and be ready to absorb new ideas. Write down thoughts immediately, as they surface. Space is provided throughout the book for notes. The mind should be stimulated and many questions will come forth regarding the principles presented. Creative thinking unfolds the responses to various questions posed. These thoughts assist in the strategic planning process necessary in a job search.



PDQ 101

An Introduction


Directly opposite him, on the other side of the enclosed space, were two doors, exactly alike and side by side.... If he opened the one, there came out of it a hungry tiger.... But if the accused person opened the other door, there came forth a lady, the most suitable to his years and station.... Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right and opened it.


 The Lady or the Tiger, 1884


Paul Dombrowski has spent the last thirty years in the personnel and human relations field, which has provided him the opportunity to review thousands of resumes and interview almost as many applicants. The co-writers/editors, David Hage and Dennis Hage, have also been on the hiring, as well as the being hired, end of finding a job. During this period, nearly every method imaginable has been tried to attract attention. Some of the more creative approaches range from a cartoon resume that utilized the B.C. comic strip character, to a narrative resume on a small, flexible, plastic record; to more recent electronic submissions using CDs and the Internet. While these novel approaches captured our interest, they were not effective in achieving the ultimate objective, the interview and subsequent job offer.


There are pros and cons about the various ways recommended to find a new job. W decided it was time to re-assimilate the wealth of existing knowledge into a simplified job hunting plan from the perspective of the hiring manager. Our goal in writing this book is to expose the reader to the tools and methods that should be used in conducting a search for a new job, many of which are not known to the average person.  We created the name for these techniques back in 1989: The PDQ Job Finding System. No, PDQ doesn't stand for Pretty Darn Quick, it is an acronym for Paul Dombroski's Quick Job Finding System.


A quick example of the PDQ system is in where to look for jobs. Most people start their search in the newspaper or the Internet. You may ask, What's wrong with that? Well, on the surface, nothing. But think, how many jobs have you landed using want ads or the Internet? Up to this point in our careers, we have never received a professional job offer that resulted from a response to a want ad in the newspaper. If the job seeker depends on ads as the sole method to secure a new job, he or she may be on the job market for a long time. As you progress through this book, you will begin to understand the necessity to go beyond the want ads and the Internet.


Most professional job openings are not advertised. It is estimated that the published want ads represent only 15 to 25% of the current, professional-level job openings. That means that people who utilize other methods fill 75 to 85% of professional jobs. To be successful in a job search you must do more than just send a resume to the companies that advertise in the newspaper or an email to a “blind” email address.


Many books have been written on how to find a job, as well as many websites purporting to find one for you. These books and websites range in emphasis from the creation of a super resume to working with headhunters. Each author offers segmented information as it relates to the entire job hunting process. We do not take a fragmented approach and only examine one or two facets of a job search. Rather, we present a complete and systematic approach to a successful job change, i.e., the PDQ Job Finding System.


This book is not intended to make you an overnight expert in hiring practices. Only years of experience in recruitment and placement makes one proficient in this area. Rather, the information presented should create an awareness of the job hunting methods that are available for use by the prospective job hunter.


In essence, the material presented enables the formulation of a strategy to market oneself in the business world. Yes, that's right. Market yourself just as a company would market a product or service. An example that comes to mind is the story told by Harry Reichenbach, the Father of Ballyhoo," about Francis X. Bushman, a small-time, $250 a week actor in Chicago:


“I wanted to raise his salary to a commanding figure. When we arrived in New York I had 2,000 pennies in my pocket. As we walked along 42nd Street toward the Metro office, I dropped handfuls of pennies in our line of march. At first children followed to pick up the coins, then everybody followed. By the time we reached Metro the streets were black with milling crowds.... When the officers of Metro looked out of the window, they judged Bushman's popularity by the vast throngs that had followed us and he received $1,000 a week without any argument."


Each person has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is needed in many companies. We will teach you how to package and market your expertise. This is discussed later as our value concept. A careful review of our PDQ system provides the keys to unlock the doors through THE EMPLOYMENT MAZE and significantly increase the probability of obtaining that new position.




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