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Shakespeare bust A TWICE TOLD TALE Byron
"Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale..." William Shakespeare
“Tis hard to . . . lend fresh interest to a twice-told tale.” Byron

Two twins went on a double date with a terrible twosome, you might say they were a matched set. To pick them up, they drove up a two way street and double parked at the duo's duplex.

The twins had on double-breasted, two-piece suits, while the pair wore 2nd hand, double knit sweaters. Their dates didn't want to leave because they were watching re-runs of Room 222, and so the twins walked around the block in double time to eat a little up. Later, the couples took a double decker bus ride to a second rate double feature.

Unfortunately, they arrived about 2 hours late and missed "A Tale of Two Cities", but got a bargain -- two for the price of one. To get in, they walked thru the double doors to the 2nd floor of the Twin Towers (see OVER THERE ... TWC), and then bought some Doublemint gum, which cost $2.22 (talk about double digit inflation). The duo, of course, had to visit the two-stall ladie's room together, butt complained about the two-ply toilet paper, they wanted 2-sided.
The second feature of the twin bill, a "B" (2nd letter of the alphabet) movie, was about two basketball teams. The BB game was a classic duel about a second stringer, who kept getting double teamed and continually double dribbled, until he got his second wind in the 2nd half and started playing in double overtime, where he went two on one and scored 22 points ToWIN the game.

Then, the group took a bi-plane to the Twin Cities Airport, rented bicycles built for two, and rode over to see a TWInLITE double-header baseball game. After having a double-dipped cone and discussing the "two's on first" line-up, the Minnesota Twins hit a two bagger to tie the score at two to two in the 2nd half of the 2nd inning. The game went into 2 extra innings, when the Twins hit another double with 2 men on, to go ahead by two runs. Finally, the other team hit into a double play to end the game, but the couples left -- it was too late to stick around for the 2nd game.

So, the two parties went into a bar, drank double martini's, did the two-step to a song called "Tea for Two", and finally had two for the road, after having 2nds of dessert -- double chocolate cake with TWINkees.

They then went to do some gambling and flew to Vegas, but came across a two-bit, double dealer and lost a couple of bucks on the play before the 2nd deal. On the second hand, they got a pair of deuces and to try to get even, doubled their bet with some two dollar bills.  Of course they lost, and ended up in double jeopardy.

It turned out that the double talking deadly duo had double crossed the twins and were two-faced, two-timing partners of the dealer who also had a twin, a judge who kept 2 sets of books with double entries.  The twins were thrown into jail, behind double bars with twin sized beds and even had their pictures taken, which of course, came out double exposed. Luckily, the twins escaped using their double jointed biceps, a two by four, and a double edged sword.  This part of their adventure over, they rode off into the Dunes on a two-humped camel in the night ... TWINkle, TWINkle, little star...

Afterwards, the twins ended up shooting each other with 22's, but collected double indemnity insurance, even though one died from double pneumonia.

Sorry about all the terrible two's, we know we have a double standard, but hope you didn't TWINge two much!!


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