THE TWInLITE ZONE ... or ...

"It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech." Mark Twain

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone." Rod Serling
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Pairhaps, the fact that we are twins has influenced our lives and those around us. (Many have told us "It takes two to tangle", and we did and do.)  As was the style of the (olden) day, we were dressed alike and were ogled by thousands of innocent bystanders. When going into a room, people's heads would always do the classic "double take" and invariably, THE QUESTION would come -- "Are you guys really twins"? Our reply, which became our Twin Cousin Routine or "PAIR Routine", was usually something to the effect (or cause) of: "Actually, we're  twin cousins. You see, both of our fathers were identical twin brothers, and our mothers were identical twin sisters from a different family.  As part of a government experiment in genes (designer), both sets of twins agreed to marry the other set.  David is the product of one pair of parents, Dennis the other.  Therefore, we are identical cousins." We did this way before The Patty Duke Show, which aired in the early 60's.

This PAIR (Parents Are Identical Relatives) Routine was probably our first use of a DoubleTake. Now if you've been able to follow this so far, you are definitely in serious mental trouble and should re-read it under again. Some words are mint to be spelled, written, and read wrong, but some aren't.  Anyway, to answer the inevitable QUESTION, yes, we are identical twins, born on the Day of our Lord, Christmas.

In Psychology, many have studied the looking glass concept.  (No, not 36-24-36 stupid, that's an hour glass.)  In this concept, people see themselves as they perceive themselves to be, not necessarily the way others see them. Twins not only see each other as they see themselves, but also as others see them -- a real mirror image. As it said in the TV series Magnum,P.I., in a 1985 episode "Old Acquantance", about dolphins, "the best mirror you'll ever have is the face of a friend." While growing up, twins usually have someone else around to look at, play sports and games with, talk to, laugh with and at, and so on and on. (Twincidentally, do you know how to legally tell the difference between identical and fraternal twins?  Identical twins are copyrighted, fraternal twins are copywronged.)

A twin is always challenged or being challenged by someone just as good, who knows all of your moves and vices and verses.  We were always a tad competitive, and as we leapfrogged over our maturity, the physical games became mental. We looked for the weird, eerie, (not Pennsylvania) strange, and fun words to play with; and as these words went their own way (wayword words), these double meanings, eventually begat DoubleTakes.

Twins often develop their own language at an early age. In addition, twins have a special body language and are more likely to be ambidextrous, i.e., able to use both hands equally well.  Often times they even  complete sentences that the other....... 

Well, for now that's about all the influence of being twins had on the development of double takes.  If you want more info on us, go to All About DT and for more info on twins, see our coming forth book, "The Twinsey Report".

Pun alert We can't, however, leave this twin discussion without telling you a story about a man and his clone, for a clone, although not a true twin, is undoubletedly the next best thing. Anyway, it seems that there was this mad scientist who developed a clone of himself.  Everything was great except that the clone had a severe problem with foul language -- he would utter four-letter words at the drop of a hat.  The scientist tried everything to get the clone to stop mouthing obscenities, but to no avail.

One day, the mad scientist took the clone to a football game.  Of course, this got the clone excited and he started swearing profusely, which really embarrassed the scientist.  To get away from the crowd, he took his clone up to the top row of the stadium to watch the game and informed the clone that there would be serious trouble if he heard any more cuss words.  Well sure enough, in the last few minutes of the game, the clone got excited and started up again.  He was screaming every four-letter word imaginable!  The scientist finally got so "mad" that he picked the clone up and threw him over the stadium wall to the street below.  When the police came, do you know what the scientist was charged with?  That's right.  Making an obscene clone fall!   

DoubleTake Different Porpoisespun alert
And speaking of ferocious animals, we couldn't leave this section without telling the following story. It seems that the Superstition Mountains have some other very strange animals that inhabit them. They are related to porpoises that somehow managed to survive after the whole ocean water level dropped thousands of years ago and formed the Great Western Desert. These incredible amfibians were able to adapt themselves to very arid conditions and in fact, these desert porpoises have developed the power of immortality -- if they eat the right kind of foods.  Unfortunately, the food they require is very scarce and is only available today in birds similiar to the baby sea gull.

Anyway, a few years ago, the U.S. Forest Service, caretakers of the Superstition Wilderness Area, ran out of their local supply of food for the porpoises and sent Ranger Bob over to San Diego to get some young gulls.  Of course, it's illegal to kill sea gulls, especially young ones, so the Ranger did this in secret. After getting the gulls, he traveled back late at night to avoid any questions.  Just after he crossed the Arizona border, a mountain lion that had escaped from the State Zoo, jumped in front of his pickup truck.  Unable to stop in time, the Ranger ran over the lion.  The load of baby gulls ended up all over the highway, which created a terrible traffic jam.  Needless to say, the police came and arrested him for ... sorry about this ... "transporting young gulls across the state lion for immortal porpoises".

Given enough twins, with enough time, they would probably finish developing this website.


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